Introduction to Programs B

Hunyuan Program B is serving patients residing in parts of the USA & around the world who find it too far to travel to our Connecticut centers. We offer video conferencing on Hunyuan dedicated server.

You will need a webcam, headset and be connected to high speed internet.

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Hunyuan Program B

1. Initial consultation. Chinese medicine evaluation in our office or by video
2. Twenty-Four (24) weeks of herbal treatment preceeded by video evaluation every two weeks
3. Express shipping costs for the entire twenty-four weeks (12 shippments, priority mail deduct $240)
4. Hunyuan FF - Fertile Formula
5. Herbs for Husband - two weeks Hunyuan FF preparation
6. Hunyuan Fertility - Book

7. Hunyuan Xinfa Physician Edition -Book

8. Hunyuan Xinfa 81-day workbook

9. Post conception herbal care for up to ten weeks

Total cost $4104.90 (using Priority mail $3864.90)

Hunyuan program B is complete at the end of twenty-four weeks of treatment or when natural conception is accomplished successfully. You may chose to receive post-conception herbal care free of charge up to ten weeks or untill the end date of said program, whichever occurs first.

Initial evaluation can be accomplished via our dedicated video server or in our office. A short video assessment will follow every two weeks, and a new modified herbal formula will be mailed to you via Express mail (or priority if you choose mail discount). The herbal formula is in raw herbs form. The herbs are boiled into tea which is consumed once per day for six days every week. Detailed cooking-instruction-sheet accompanies the herbs. Our practitioners are available seven days per week to answer questions regarding your herbs.


Book- Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, and Miracles / Yaron Seidman DAOM & Tristin McLaren L.Ac.

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Book - Hunyuan Xinfa Physician Edition and Xinfa Workbook

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