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Our Center Q&A

I have difficulties getting pregnant, will Chinese Medicine help?

Yes. Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective treatment modality for infertility. In most cases Chinese Herbal Medicine will be the treatment of choice, however at times Acupuncture treatments will be administered as well.

How long will I have to take herbs for?

On average herbal treatment is 5-6 months.

Why is the treatment so long?

Chinese herbal medicine works gradually and decisively. The main goal with treating infertility is to restore and regain the patient's health. When the patient's health is at its best, conception occurs naturally. Since restoring the patient's health and the reproductive system ability are the goal, the scope of treatment is much broader, thus it requires longer time to obtain.

I am undergoing IVF treatment at the moment, should I get Chinese herbs?

No. Even though Chinese herbs may not interact with the hormone therapy you are receiving, interaction is not well researched. The best treatment modality is acupuncture, where no negative interaction is possible. In fact most reproductive endocrinologists recommend it to their patients. Research showed that success rate for IVF patients, who have had acupuncture 6-8 weeks prior to retrieval, were much higher then average.

What is the Chinese Herbal Medicine protocol?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a complete treatment modality for infertility. Many patients who have had several unsuccessful IUIs/IVFs resort to Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment and become pregnant. Even though some patients do not succeed with conception, the overwhelming majority of patients finish the treatment much healthier then when they started.


First the patient's condition is being assesed correctly according to Chinese Medicine principles, and then a formula of herbs is being composed to fit the patient's individual condition. The patient then returns once a week for observation and the formula is being modified according to the progress made. The weekly formula is in raw herbs form and cooked at home according to instructions provided. The patient then drinks the tea once a day for 6 days. The 7th day is off where the body can rest from the treatment.

In addition there is Hunyuan FF Herbal Formula given to the husband and wife to drink together (only available at our center). This formula is being taken for 3 months every evening (or until earlier pregnancy). This formula does not substitute the regular herbal treatment and is in addition to it. It mainly targets improving the male's sperm quality.

Are there many side effects to this treatment?

There are rarely any side effects from the intake of herbal medicine if it is administered correctly. One of the reasons that this treatment takes so long is the mild action of the herbs and the "body friendly" work they do. When taken without the supervision of a competent herbalist the side effects can be significant and sometime dangerous.

I find it hard to believe that IVF failed and herbs will help?

Many of the patients we see, who have gone through several failed IVFs, get pregnant after taking herbs for 4-6 months and this is a fact. The success rate for herbal treatments does not fall below the success rate for IVF/IUI. The main difference is that at the end of the herbal treatment cycle, the patient's health is much better then when started. (success rates for patients over 40 are actually much higher then IVF with patient's own eggs). It is important for every woman to exhaust her natural options first, before resorting to artificial medicine.

I live far away from Connecticut, how can I receive a treatment from you?

We have designed the Hunyuan Program B specifically for your needs. Please browse under Service>Hunyuan program.
You can also use our phone consultation services.

Do I have to make an appointment ahead of time?

Yes. Our clinic is by appointment only. Treatment times are usually filled two to three weeks in advance, so you are best to book ahead for a time that suits your schedule. Occasionally there are cancellations and you may get in with shorter notice if you are flexible. Appointments are made by telephone or email. Our phone number is (203) 325-2000 and our email is info@Hunyuan.org

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