Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, and Miracles



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Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, and Miracles
An exciting new book by Dr. Yaron Seidman and Tristin Mclaren.

“A beautifully written guide to understanding Classical Chinese Medicine (Hunyuan) and fertility; a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and the author’s passion – an insightful resource for anyone”  -Ashley

"I feel enlightened... I now seek the balance described in Hunyuan medicine.  This book is for everyone, not just those trying to conceive."   -Sally

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An IVF specialist and president of Pacific Coast Reproductive Society, Paul C Magarelli, MD, Ph.D. writes in the book’s foreword: “Hunyuan is a song with many notes that sound discordant until the words, meanings and intentions fuse. It is not a How To book of treating fertility nor is it giving words that will rock your world. It simply pleads for us to return to what we know, know from the heart and not the mind. It begs in impassioned terms for individuals to contemplate, live simply, sleep, follow the natural patterns of spring, summer, fall and winter and act with “upright” intention. Simple and to the point –NOT! I was curious, defensive, and critical of this work and then it happened…I understood.“

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