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Hunyuan Natural Infertility Treatment Objective:
IVF Treatment is an option for many when it comes to infertility. IVF Treatment bases itself on technology, at times it works but many times it doesn't. In Hunyuan Natural Infertility Treatment we look back to nature. As far as Hunyuan fertility is concerned Nature is an advanced and powerful tool. We seek to discover the phenomenal healing power of nature.

The Hunyuan Fertility strategy:
For a successful conception and a healthy pregnancy the woman's ability to recharge energy must be adequate. To recharge powerfully the body must be free of obstructions, the recharging mechanism potent and the amount of emotional energy spent small. No obstruction, strong recharging and conserving the heart energy is our Hunyuan key for success. Patients say that we do miracles. In reality, our success stories are not miracles. They are a 1,2 and 3 strategy that resolves the problem, and often where IVF failes. The ARC strategy:

1. Add recharging.
2. Resolve obstructions.
3. Conserve energy.

Points 1 and 2 we reach with herbs and acupuncture. Point 3 you can start on your own:
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Watch an instructional video with Dr. Yaron Seidman (running time 18:57): How to use the Xinfa App


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