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Natural Infertility Treatments, Infertility Treatments in general and IVF Treatment

Our Hunyuan Natural Infertility Treatment Objective:
In today’s modern society IVF Treatment is the treatment of choice for many when it comes to infertility. IVF Treatment bases itself on advanced technology, yet this technology keeps on evolving. A technology that keeps on evolving means that today it is still lagging behind, it means ‘not entirely mature’. In Natural Infertility Treatment we go back to nature. Nature existed and operated smoothly for millions of years without a need to farther develop. As far as Natural Infertility Treatment is concerned Nature is the most advanced technology ever to exist. Infertility Treatments and IVF Treatments of the modern world hope to create new technologies, yet our Hunyuan Natural Infertility Treatment seeks to discover the phenomenal technology of nature. It is not simple to recognize and harvest nature’s technology and yet it is our objective. Male and Female Infertility Treatment does not discover new technologies, it rather discovers how nature can help.

Xinfa (heart method) and fertility
Infertility in modern times is viewed as a physical obstruction of some sort, it may be ovarian function dysfunction, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, high FSH hormones, low AMH hormone, low sperm count, fibroids, cysts etc. After visiting an IVF clinic the impression left with the infertility patient is that something in the body must be wrong and it has to be physical.
In Hunyuan medicine we recognize the vital aspects of the physical body but we know as well that there are other things in play, things that may lead to infertility. One of these other things is called the human heart. This article talks about the aspect of infertility that is caused by the Human Heart.
In Hunyuan, Human Heart is different than the physical heart that pumps blood. It is what we call the place of dichotomy. To understand this place of dichotomy we need to travel back in time.  When a baby is in the womb, not born out to the world yet, his basic dichotomy (explained shortly down the article) does not discharge yet. When the baby comes out to the world his Human Heart starts a rhythm of dichotomy, he likes things and dislikes other things. This like and dislike we call a basic dichotomy. It is an innate instinct every living being has. This dichotomy has a survival effect; with it I can protect myself and nurture my life. When I see or feel something beneficial to my life I like it and in contrast when I see something dangerous to my life I dislike it (think of food and a cobra snake staring at me, which one would you like?).
As soon as the baby comes out to the world, the dichotomy cracks up, or divides, and therefore the baby can do 1 inhale and 1 exhale, otherwise without it, the baby remains like inside the womb with no inhale and no exhale. From this cracking up of the dichotomy the emotions rise. For example, when a baby is hungry he likes milk, if milk is not coming to his mouth when he likes it then he starts disliking the situation and he becomes angry. This emotion helps him move his body to attract the mothers attention, and then he gets his milk. When he gets his milk the emotion stops, the like is fulfilled, the dislike is no more. If he would continue to cry the mother will push him away from her, trying to find out what else is wrong. From this initial example one can contemplate the meaning of the basic dichotomy.
The basic dichotomy off course becomes complicated as we grow up and are influenced by a myriad of factors, the extent of which is beyond the scope of this article. Here we focus on the Human Heart and fertility. In order to live a baby needs this dichotomy. It is a part of the human existence. When it goes wrong a person easily becomes sick and when it works well a person easily feels happy and healthy.
Modern ART (advance reproductive technologies) suggest that infertility is always a problem stemming from the material of the body, from the physical body. The question then rises how come nearly 50% of all infertility couples go unexplained with ART? How come many infertility patients, even if diagnosed and have a physical reason, still do not succeed with IVF (in vitro fertilization)  and other advanced technologies? The unlikely answer is that IVF is still a primitive technology. It is rather more likely that modern ART ignores some aspects of human existence that impact human fertility and therefore unable to remedy them.
When basic dichotomy and their attached emotions are out of order human fertility is compromised. The dichotomy is an integral part of the human pivot (described in the book Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies and Miracles) that allows an embryo to develop into a baby. It is part of getting the human ready for survival in the world outside the womb. Until modern technology arrives at that point, we can only offer in Hunyuan our Xinfa Heart method. A way of training the Human Heart into a harmonious dichotomy, a place we describe as proper. In this Xinfa we advocate improving the dichotomy of the parents in order to improve the correct dichotomy in the embryo and baby. It is the old fashion way of get the parents healthy in order to get the baby healthy.
In reality, many ailments are caused by a Xinfa problem. Learning about Xinfa and training the dichotomy is not only good for fertility patients but rather for all people. Even without being sick it is the number one method for keeping the person healthy and happy with a long life.
If you would like to find out more about Hunyuan Xinfa, you have the following resources:
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